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With over 800 Culligan dealers in over 90 countries, Culligan is the worldwide leader in water treatment solutions. For more information on Culligan's international products and services, contact the appropriate Culligan office.

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Since its foundation, Culligan has always been committed uniquely to water. More than seventy years of success and progress in this single, limited but immense sector entitle us to describe ourselves as “the water experts”.

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Our brand name is known to the general public above all for its household systems and its high quality swimming-pools, but Culligan is present right across the water treatment market, from the water supply sector to specific water treatments for the most diverse industrial processes, in medicine, off-set printing, breeding, shipyards, water re-use.

Through constant research and thanks to the experience acquired in the four corners of the globe, Culligan has perfected original leading-edge technologies in the municipal water supply, capable of meeting the drinking water requirements of large cities or tiny communities. Hundreds of Water Supply Authorities world-wide have chosen Culligan systems, which allow constant quality and outstanding flexibility thanks to their modular design, as well as considerable savings in purchase and operating costs. For example, it is possible to treat river waters, remineralize waters of thermic power plants, desalinate brackish or sea waters, reuse waste waters.